LGBT Politics in the U.S. and Kansas from 1969 to present
by Deb Taylor
This material is copyright 2005-2006 by Deb Taylor.

The links below provide a fairly complete timeline of lgbt politics in Kansas from around 1969 to the present. Although Kansas politics is the focus, you will notice that other events are included in the timeline, most notably other significant lgbt events that occur in the U.S. These events provide a better understanding of what other factors were impacting the Kansas lgbt community. 

For class on Tuesday, September 15, please read the information provided in the links below, including the link entitled "History of the Sodomy Law." Additional information (via links) are provided within the timeline if you are interested in learning more about a particular issue. 


Information relating specifically to Kansas appears in this color.

I include numerous dates that outline the beginning of Internet and e-mail usage in the U.S. and on Kansas university campuses. This is to emphasize the fact that lgbt-related information in Kansas and nationwide becomes disseminated much more quickly once online usage becomes available. The lgbt community across the U.S. will become early adopters of electronic information in the early 1990s. Unfortunately, so will the religious extremist organizations; I have included founding dates many of the more well-known groups.

Information included in the timeline is intended to show you what people of all ages in the lgbt community have had to endure for the past 36 years. My hope is that this will aid you as you work with members of the lgbt community throughout your careers. My own lgbt activism begins in the 1990s but I am extremely familiar with lgbt court decisions made during the 1980s (as well as Reagan's treatment of the AIDS crisis) because they heavily impact events that occur in the 1990s and later. The struggle for fair and equal treatment for all lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender people continue today.


As you read the timeline, please consider the following questions. Realize that there are no right answers. I am interested in your opinion as people who are not as closely connected to these issues as I am. 

History of the Sodomy Law 





Further Reading These readings are provided as a resource; you do not need to read them for the Sept 15 but I am available to answer questions about them if you have any.