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Spring 2001

All potlucks are on Friday at 7:00 pm unless otherwise announced.

January 19, Jen and Carol's

February 16,  Angela and Sheryl's  Valentine's Theme

Valentine's Dance
February 17, 9:00 pm - midnight
Sponsored by RAP, FHA, and QSA.
E-mail fhakansas@yahoo,com for location.

March 16,  Location TBA

April 20, Randy and Jeff's

May Annual Picnic, Date and location TBA

Fall 2000

October 20, Friday   Jen and Carol's
This Friday potluck begins at 7:00 pm.  Bring your favorite dish.

November 17, Friday    Bob and David's
It's the annual Thanksgiving Potluck.  Bring your appetite on this Friday!! The feast begins at 7:00 pm.

December 16, Saturday   Christmas Dinner OUT!  
We're having Christmas Dinner out on the town this year. Join us for this Saturday event at 7:00 pm.  Call FHA for the location.

Join us for the Halloween Costume Party with the Regional Aids Project on October 28 at the ECM auditorium.  Contact FHA or the Regional AIDS Project for more details.

To protect our hosts from gaining unwelcomed guests,  we are withholding addresses. 
Please contact FHA if you need to know where these folks live.

Where were past potlucks? 

Spring 2000

Fall 1999

Spring 1999

Fall 1998