On April 28, 1995, Max Movsovitz, an artist from Topeka, Kansas, was asked by an undercover cop if he would have private, consensual oral sex with someone.  

Max answered "Yes."  

The response he received was "You're under arrest." 

Over three years later, Max is still in the Kansas Courts, challenging the constitutionality of a Topeka (anti-same-sex) Solicitation as well as its underlying authority, the Kansas Sodomy law.  

On April 24, 1998, the Kansas  Court of Appeals upheld the constitutionality of the ordinance and the Kansas Sodomy law. And on July 14, 1998, Max was told that the Kansas Supreme Court WOULD NOT hear Max's appeal.  The fight for equality in Kansas continues . . .


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The picture above is of Max in front of Gage Park,  Topeka, Kansas.