Kansas and Homosexuality Links:

Max Movsovitz's Challenge to the Kansas Sodomy Law

Mayor Wagnon Says Topeka is not Tolerant

ESU Revokes Protections for Lesbians and Gays

KU Student Senate Votes to Protect Rights

Topeka City Council Revises Ordinance in order to Exclude Gay Rights Consideration

Ignorance in the Capitol

Kansas Legislator Makes Anti-Gay Request

Kansas Queers Narrowly Escape Discriminating Legislation

KSU Victim of Student Hate Mail

Task Force Report on GLBT Issues at KSU

Gingrich Encourages Group to Come Out

So many good people seem bound for Hell

Old Issues of Newsletters in Manhattan:

The Triangle  (on-line in 2000)

The Flint Hills Observer  (on-line from 1996-98)